A Simple Idea

We were founded by two digital marketing entrepreneurs back in 2010 who found a simple question in desperate need of a simple answer: How to easily buy the most energy efficient products for your home? But simple can very quickly become complicated.

To get to the answer meant not just creating the infrastructure from scratch to source, clean and curate the right data at the right time but fundamentally rethinking how and why we buy.

Why we're here

We believe there’s no reason why energy efficiency choices cannot be simple, clear and engaging—for everyone. We’re convinced these choices should be compelling. Financially, environmentally and socially compelling.

What we do

We build products that make it easy for people to make energy-smart buying decisions.

We’re the world’s first platform-oriented company that drives energy efficiency and consumer engagement through innovative SaaS products that change how we buy energy-using appliances and products.

Enervee's flow

We’re building our company on unprecedented levels of data integrity.

The Enervee Data Engine sits at the heart of all of our products and powers all of our outputs, recommendations and insights. In a consumer environment where data are sometimes updated once every three years, we are gathering, cleaning, processing and packaging millions of data-points every single day.

We’re also building our company on one single number.

It’s true. The key output of the Enervee Data Engine is the Enervee Score. This is our unique energy efficiency ranking for every product in any category. Intuitively simple, it’s normalized for every category, so everyone can easily compare across all the products they’re interested in. It’s also updated daily for every category, so everyone can always be sure it’s the most accurate piece of information in the market.

Enervee Score

We’re a team of specialists from around the world, united in transforming the consumer energy landscape.

We’re data scientists, policy advisors, behavioral scientists, engineers, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, to name a few. We’re specialists in our fields and together are convinced of the potential to combine data science, behavioral science and technology with fantastic client service to change our relationship with energy.

Where We’re Going

Organizations around the world are using Enervee products to engage consumers, save energy and transform markets.

With Enervee, utility providers are set to deliver stronger energy savings, delight their customers and open up new revenue streams. Manufacturers are set to truly showcase their technology for the benefit of their brand-loyal consumers. For retailers, energy programs are set to finally make sense and add true value for their shoppers. And for governments, monitoring, compliance and policy input are set to become more targeted, more timely and more effective.

We’re working to build a future where every consumer, citizen and employee recognizes the full potential in making an energy-smart choice, and every organization recognizes the full potential in offering that choice.